The key to successful brand communication is insights. Insights about what we are doing, why and how it makes our brand unique. But our brand is not just defined by what we say it is. It’s also defined by how we say it and what people hear, see, touch, smell and feel it is. In building a strong brand, the channels we use to communicate our brand must send a consistent message throughout. Our brand needs to walk the talk.

Strategic brand development work is broader than simply aiming to develop various communication solutions, because good communication for a bad offer doesn’t solve a problem. To earn a strong and competitive position in the market place our offers must be based on insights about affecting trends as well as insights about the target group’s needs, motivations and attitudes. Insights allow us to connect with our customers at an emotional level while still communicating and praise functional benefits of a product or service.

Organisations need to think creatively about the entire brand development process, starting with the brand identity, proceeding with the product/service itself and how it is packaged, distributed and communicated, since it all affect the customer experience. It’s about insight based brand development. This is what a designful mind does.