a designful mind is a consultancy within design and brand development based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company is owned by me – Elisabet K Engström. With experience in design management and planning I develop strategic support for business development focusing on brand and communication. My passion lies in aligning business development and corporate identity activities to ensure that all deliverables help build brand equity. Through creative development research I provide insights regarding the context within which a brand and its communication has to work.

Insights are synonymous with inspiration and they can spring from a multitude of sources that are hard to define or systemize. So instead of advocating a linear process, it makes more sense to discuss the qualities and skills I possess in order to generate insights.

Insight generation is based on creative analysis and the ability to see connections and hidden correlations. It’s not about being creative solely for creative’s sake. It’s about being able to think laterally and to twist and turn both data and a problem to find new angles and approaches – and not least to be able to understand the attitudes and aspirations of various stakeholders in a deeper way than normally emerges in traditional market research and surveys. It’s about uncovering insights that incite.

To achieve this requires curiosity, talent, training, and experience. I dare to ask the seemingly naive questions that can change perspectives. As client or partner, you will have the advantage of benefitting from my experience of other assignments, industries and categories in finding references and a deeper understanding of the essence of a problem, and hence the possible solutions.

Apart from analysis and strategy activities as a basis for brand development, a designful mind also works with method development within this field, as well as education in design management and related topics. If you would like to know more about my merits, don’t hesitate to contact me.