For businesses

a designful mind offers strategic support for business development focusing on brand and communication. The content I provide adds value to your offerings and helps you sustain loyal customer relationships. I offer consultancy services to management, market departments, advertising agencies, startups and incubators.


A key to building strong brands is to develop and implement a brand identity. What are you doing, why and what makes your brand unique? a designful mind provides a deeper understanding of your brand’s reason for existence. I can help you identify or renew your values and strategic vision. I also help you define your brand’s tone of voice and support in creation of design guidelines.

My offer:

  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Identity
  • Design Guidelines


    It is very costly to approach the market from several directions. It gives an unclear picture of what the brand stands for, and makes it harder to distinguish among competitors. Knowledge about your target audiences, and how they perceive your brand through its products, environments, communication and behaviour help you build a credible brand and earn a competitive position in the market place. a designful mind supports in developing and implementing a consistent brand message through all touch points key stakeholders encounter.

    My offer:

  • Identity Analysis
  • User Experience Analysis
  • Communication Platform
  • Design Strategy


    A relevant and engaging brand gets attention in everyday discussions. Business development requires self-reflection and an understanding of the affecting environment. Knowledge about your brand’s possibilities and challenges helps you in creating a strategic action plan. a designful mind can identify the needs and aspirations of your target audiences, as well as generate insights about trends affecting your industry. I also analyse the potential of your company’s current offerings and business situation. This makes it possible for you to create and deliver unique, enduring, and powerful brand experiences for competitive advantage.

    My offer:

  • Trend & Market Research
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic Advising

  • For academia

    Courses, lectures and tutoring in design management and related topics. Contact a designful mind for more information.


    Selling Design Services: lecture & workshop at the course Design Insight within the master programme in Industrial Design at Konstfack (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

    Design Management & Work Life Psychology: 5 credits course within the bachelor programme in Product Design at the Design School at Linneaus University (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)

    Design Management & Ethics: 7,5 credits course within the bachelor programme Interior & Retail Store Communication at the Business School at Linneaus University (2014)

    Innovation, Design & Processes: 15 credits course within the master programme Leadership – Innovative, Creative & Entreprenurial at the Business School at Linneaus University (2013-14)

    Design Management: lecture, workshop & tutoring within the bachelor programme in Product Design at the Design School at Linneaus University (2013)